Bao Loc – The Capital of Silk in Vietnam

Vietnamese people think of Van Phuc, Hoi An, Ma Chau, and other places when they think of Vietnamese silk. Additionally, those who adore Vietnamese silk and their overseas friends often think about Bao Loc silk, the capital of Vietnamese silk.

How did Bao Loc come to be known as the silk capital?

The Bao Loc city is well-known for its mulberry, silkworm breeding, and silk weaving industries. Silk from Bao Loc is supple and alluring. In the winter it is warm, while in the summer it is cool. For the Bao Loc silk industry to survive and develop into what it is now, it had to overcome numerous obstacles and hurdles.

The sunrise is greeted by the beauty of Bao Loc City Center.
Bao Loc city center – Image source: Collectible

From the 60s of the last century, when the war became increasingly fierce. The brutal fighting had put an end to mulberry farming, which had been used to raise silkworms, and silk production in the North, while nearly eradicating it in the South.

Faced with that situation, apan has a policy of providing assistance to the Saigon administration (Combo Plan). At the same time, Japan sent experts to South Vietnam to survey soil and environmental conditions, and experiment with growing mulberry and raising silkworms.

Assessment results, The highlands Bao Loc with an average altitude of over 800 m compared to sea level. The climate in this place is cool round year, high humidity is very suitable for growing mulberry and raising silkworms.

Picture of a farmer harvesting mulberry leaves
People harvest mulberry leaves – Image source: Collectible

By establishing the Bao Loc SilkwormCenter in 1968, the Japanese laid the foundation for the “silk capital” here. Bao Loc has maintained its status as the “capital” of Vietnamese silk, opening the door for Vietnamese silk to the rest of the world, despite constant efforts.

Since then, the development path of Bao Loc Silk has also gone through several ups and downs of rapids. But the king’s silk is not easy to break, with perseverance and constant efforts to connect the silk thread, Bao Loc city has been gradually recovering and shouldering the historical responsibility entrusted to it, as “the silk capital” silk” – the place where silk incubators opened the way for Vietnamese silk.

Spectacular turnaround – Affirming the leading position

Bao Loc has 23 businesses, in which there are 7 mechanical silk-reelings, 8 automatic silk-reelings, and 8 silk-weaving enterprises. They apply for synchronous technical advances from planting and intensive cultivation of mulberry varieties to high-quality silkworm raising techniques.

A floating stage on Dong Nai Thuong Lake hosts performances by artists using Bao Loc silk.
Night of Bao Loc silk sublimation – Image source: Collectible

After the collapse of the silk industry, trade reform was supported by the fashion industry. Creating a closed circle linking garment houses – silk weavers – silk spinner – mulberry growers and raising silkworms. This makes sure the right product meets customer requirements. Refusing to sell silk yarn to traders, and only selling to domestic and foreign silk-making establishments. Since then, Bao Loc silk products are of extremely good quality, rich in designs. These silk fabrics are very popular with domestic and foreign customers.

In addition, to widely promote Bao Loc silk to customers. The support of the fashion industry is essential. From there, giving complete, applicable product orientations to identify with consumers.

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