Silk myths – Are they true?

Silk has the qualities of being both light and durable, moisture-absorbing and insulating, and having a natural shade that keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, silk readily absorbed color, making it possible to dye it a variety of stunning and long-lasting hues. Currently, silk maintains its distinct and unmistakable position in the overall fashion trend. There are some misunderstandings about silk that KÉN mentions below.

1. Silk is fragile

Some individuals believe that silk should only be worn as an accessory because of its light weight and inability to sustain regular wear. In contrast, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers and one of the most resilient. A well-constructed silk dress can survive for many years and perhaps end up as an heirloom.

Sensual woman in silk dress on coast at sunset
Silk is fragile – Image source: Collectible

2. Silk has few patterns

Silk, in fact, has a wider range of patterns than you might think. Currently, most Silk patterns are woven in a Jacquard style or printed in direct color. Jacquard motifs are typically preferred due to their sophistication and durability.

3. Silk is difficult to maintain

Some people believe silk is too difficult to care for, but it is far easier to maintain than it is given credit for. A well-constructed silk scarf can be hand-washed and air-dried overnight and ready to wear the next morning —which makes silk one of the best choices for travelers who enjoy packing lightly

A silk scarf can be hand-washed and air-dried overnight
Preservation of silk – Image source: Collectible

4. Silk is harmful for the environment

Silk has a bad reputation as a polluter, but its production is one of the cleanest textile industries today. Because the mulberry trees used to feed the silkworms do not require fertilizers or pesticides, cultivated silk can be harvested without introducing any toxic chemicals into the environment. Plus, the material is 100% biodegradable, making your silk scarf a sustainable choice.

5. Silk is too luxurious

Silk was once considered a high-end commodity. Silk is reserved for kings and royalty. At least for the time being. Silk has become far more prominent. Silk has greater access to the general public.

The girls exude a luxurious and seductive aura with silk scarves
Silk is too luxurious – Image source: Collectible

While silk is the epitome of luxury, it is also appropriate for more casual occasions. Silk is breathable and one of nature’s best thermostats, keeping you cool on hot days and warm on cool nights. This makes silk an ideal companion for both travel and daily life – a luxury that can be as practical as you want it to be, because what’s better than being comfortable?

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