FORTUNATE Silk Pocket Square 33x33cm


The pocket square is an indispensable accessory when wearing a luxurious suit. With high-quality silk material, the scarf feels extremely soft but still elegant. With just a pocket square, you can create many different folding styles and turn it into a delicate highlight for your appearance.

* Made in Vietnam

* Design name: FORTUNATE

* Measures: 33x33cm | The dimensions indicated may vary a bit.

* Color Available: Brown

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Pocket Square “Fortunate” is inspired by the Peach and Swastika motifs in Nguyen Dynasty patterns. This pattern has special meaning and often appears on palace architecture, Ao Dai and other items.

During the Nguyen Dynasty, Peach was a tree often considered a symbol of prosperity, luck and loyalty in Asian culture. While the Swastika is often used to sum up all that is good and great in the universe, it represents the infinite richness and vastness of life.

The combination of Peach motifs (symbol of luck) and Swastika (infinity symbol) in Nguyen Dynasty patterns represents hope for a fulfilling, happy and lucky life. It also shows reverence and respect for nature and the universe.

Therefore, the “Fortunate” scarf brings a feeling of formality and maturity. With this design, MsKÉN wishes to preserve traditional Vietnamese values, while sending the message of wealth, luck and unlimited success to customers.


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