Prosper Silk Pocket Square 33x33cm

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The pocket square is an indispensable accessory when wearing a luxurious suit. With high-quality silk material, the scarf feels extremely soft but still elegant. With just a pocket square, you can create many different folding styles and turn it into a delicate highlight for your appearance.

* Made in Vietnam

* Design name: PROSPER

* Measures: 33x33cm | The dimensions indicated may vary a bit.

* Color Available: Navy

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The silk pocket square “Prosper” is inspired by the diamond pattern found in the Nguyen Dynasty’s collection of patterns. 

The diamond shape in ethics and religion often symbolizes balance and stability, which stems from the unique shape of the diamond itself. In addition to its ethical and religious meanings, the diamond shape is also considered a symbol of luck, fortune, and prosperity. With its intersecting diagonal lines, the diamond creates a connection between elements and provides luck and abundance. In Nguyen Dynasty religion and culture, the diamond shape is also used as a symbol to attract wealth and bring luck.

Therefore, the “Prosper” silk pocket square is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a profound meaning. With this brooch, MsKEN wishes to send good wishes to customers about luck, fortune, prosperity, and balance in life.

1 review for Prosper Silk Pocket Square 33x33cm

  1. Lan Đỗ (verified owner)

    Khăn đẹp, đường cuốn viền chỉn chu. Nhưng có một điều cho ai chưa từng mua khăn cài áo vest tơ tằm là vì chất liệu tơ tằm nên lúc bỏ vào áo vest sẽ hơi lỏng một xíu. Nó không đứng dáng như mấy dòng khăn sợi cotton

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