FELIX Square Silk Scarf 90cm

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This essential MsKÉN FELIX 100% Silk Scarf is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring its high quality and attention to detail from Vietnam. Made from luxurious pure silk, it offers a soft and smooth texture that feels delightful against the skin.

Using large silk scarves is very flexible, you can tie them in many ways – wear them around your neck, headbands, hair ties, scarf top, belts, etc.

* Made in Vietnam

* Design name: FELIX

* Measures: 90cm x 90cm | The dimensions indicated may vary a bit.

* Color Available: Pink

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The design of “Loan” is inspired by the Phoenix – a mythical creature considered as a symbol of royal women that is intricately embroidered on the Robe during the Nguyen dynasty – along with the graceful Crane bird.

In traditional Vietnamese feudal culture, the phoenix holds great significance as a symbol of grace and beauty. It is often depicted as a graceful dancer, known as “vũ phượng” or dancing phoenix. The phoenix is believed to possess the ability to ride on the wind, soaring high above and captivating onlookers with its mesmerizing dances. As a bird associated with virtues such as peace, harmony, and beauty, the phoenix has become an emblem for queens and princesses in Vietnamese culture. The image of a phoenix adorning their robes symbolizes their regal status and embodies qualities that are highly esteemed in society.

In Eastern culture, the Crane is regarded as a precious bird, symbolizing nobility and refinement of the virtuous person. The Crane has become an emblem of strength and excellence, representing longevity, wisdom, and intelligence that humans acquire through years of cultivation. In this exquisite portrayal, four graceful Cranes gracefully encircle the majestic Phoenix, forming a harmonious composition. The elegant Cranes, known for their beauty and gracefulness, represent guardianship and safeguarding. They embody the role of noble men who ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved women.

This design encapsulates a profound message about love and protection within relationships. It conveys how esteemed gentlemen embrace their roles as providers and caretakers for their cherished partners. Through this symbolism, it highlights not only physical protection but also emotional support that these men offer to create an environment of warmth and tranquility for their loved ones.

The depiction of the Phoenix and the Crane on the scarf serves a purpose beyond mere decoration; it holds significant meaning in fostering emotions and spreading love to our loved ones. This design by MsKÉN aims to establish a positive and affectionate environment, inspiring individuals to maintain their faith in life and treasure meaningful relationships. By incorporating this symbolic imagery, MsKÉN endeavors to create an atmosphere that encourages love, positivity, and appreciation for valuable connections.

Dimensions 90 × 90 cm


2 reviews for FELIX Square Silk Scarf 90cm

  1. uttrang22593 (verified owner)

    I love it. I bought 3 scarves of this brand. It is so amazing.

  2. Selena Le (verified owner)

    I bought this silk scarf to give to my client. She likes it

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