PHOENIX Square Silk Scarf 90cm

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The MsKÉN PHOENIX Hand-rolled 100% Silk Scarf is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring its high quality and attention to detail from Vietnam. Made from luxurious pure silk, it offers a soft and smooth texture that feels delightful against the skin.

Using large silk scarves is very flexible, you can create them in many ways – wear them around your neck, headbands, hair ties, scarf top, belts, etc.

* Made in Vietnam
* Design name: PHOENIX
* Measures 90cm x 90cm | The dimensions indicated may vary a bit.
* Color Available: Orange

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“Phoenix” is inspired by the combination of the Phoenix symbol and the water wave pattern on the Phoenix Robe of Empress Nam Phuong – the last empress of the feudal regime in Vietnam. It represents respect and pride for Vietnam’s traditional culture.

The phoenix is a symbol of beauty, gracefulness, independence, and determination of women. Additionally, it also represents peace and prosperity in traditional Vietnamese culture. When combined with the water wave pattern, it becomes a symbol of openness, gentleness, and fluidity. All of them embody an image of elegance, charm, and sophistication.

The image of the phoenix on Empress Nam Phuong’s Robe not only adds aesthetic appeal but also conveys a profound message about the role and worth of women in society. It serves as a powerful reminder that every woman has inherent value deserving reverence akin to that bestowed upon an empress—a testament to their strength, resilience, and transformative abilities. MsKÉN’s deliberate selection of this symbol reflects a desire to empower women by reminding them of their intrinsic value. Each woman is seen as an empress in her own right—worthy of respect, admiration, and recognition for her unique qualities and abilities. Simultaneously, “Phoenix” conveys a message about an encouragement for women to fearlessly venture into their capabilities, values and radiate through the distinctive attributes they possess.

Dimensions 90 × 90 cm


1 review for PHOENIX Square Silk Scarf 90cm

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    My wife was so happy when she received this scarf. Thanks

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