SAGE Silk Twilly Scarf

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The “SAGE” twilly silk scarf is an elegant and incredibly versatile accessory. This small silk accessory can be tied in countless ways, bringing uniqueness to your everyday look! The twilly scarf can be worn as a bracelet, scarf, hair tie, bag scarf, etc.

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Design name: SAGE
  • Measures 5cm x 86cm
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The twilly silk scarf “SAGE” is inspired by the eight treasures in Confucianism during the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam, honoring the wisdom and refined qualities of ancient sages. The “SAGE” scarf symbolizes knowledge and sophistication of the learned individuals, with its dignified and confident demeanor. Additionally, it is considered a representation of nobility, refinement, and elegance.

The book is the most important object of Confucianism, containing and transmitting the thoughts of the sages, symbolizing the power of Confucianism. The symbol of the book, accompanied by a sword, represents strength, willpower, and noble character. The musical instrument represents one of the four ancient pastimes: playing music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Therefore, the instrument symbolizes elegance and artistic intelligence. The feather fan symbolizes elegance, leisure, and refinement during the Nguyen dynasty. It was not only a part of court attire but also used in artistic performances such as royal music or water puppetry. It represents not only cultural value but also the epitome of grace and agility. Finally, the letter represents intelligence and talent, carries cultural significance, and conveys messages about the thirst for knowledge, patriotism, and noble character.

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White, Yellow

4 reviews for SAGE Silk Twilly Scarf

  1. leeanhbeauty (verified owner)

    Great! I love it. Your handwritten card and silk scarf box are so cute. Thank you so much!

  2. trangmoon (verified owner)

    Khăn xinh lắm ạ. Màu sắc rõ nét. Tiếc là shop không có bán phụ kiện đi kèm để mix với khăn

  3. Ann Lee (verified owner)

    Em đặt 1 đơn 3 khăn. Review để ủng hộ shop hơi cực. Phải review từng chiếc một :’). Nhưng khăn đẹp lắm. Em mua 3 chiếc: 1 khăn doll twilly, 1 khăn twilly và một khăn vuông lớn đều rất ưng ý ạ

  4. Selena Le (verified owner)

    I love this silk scarf and love its pattern. I extremely recommend buying it

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