HER Silk Twilly Scarf

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The twilly scarf is an elegant and versatile accessory with endless possibilities, This small silk accessory can be tied in infinite ways, bringing a whimsical touch to your everyday look! The twilly scarf can be worn as a bracelet, scarf, hair tie, bag embellishment, and others.

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Design name: HER
  • Designed by Nhanmanip
  • Measures 5cm x 86cm
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Strong, beautiful, and brave” is the image that ladies in today’s era strive to eliminate stereotypes about women, which are a part of common sense. When women are beautiful, they will confidently show their talents to the fullest and achieve great success in their careers.

The image of “Her” depicts a lovely, radiant, but also haughty young woman with the power of a young and vibrant woman. Colors that are still trendy, combined with a variety of designs ranging from classic and luxurious to gentle and graceful under soft silk, will help women break down all barriers of fashion discipline. The girls will be free to express their personal imprint, status, freedom, comfort, and women’s rights in their own way!


Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Light Yellow, Light Pink



2 reviews for HER Silk Twilly Scarf

  1. ut.hj (verified owner)

    Giao hàng nhanh, khăn lụa rất mềm mịn, sờ rất mát tay. Họa tiết độc lạ

  2. stella (verified owner)

    My husband and I love silk scarves and cravats from this brand. I’ve ever bought MsKÉN’scarf in Lazada. Now I know the website and I will be easy to buy them

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