Mother’s Sun Square Silk Scarf 70cm

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Scarf in silk with machine-sewn edges (100% silk).

This essential MsKÉN accessory complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways – In your hair, around your neck or on a bag, this small-sized scarf is easy to wear and instantly transforms your look.

* Made in Vietnam

* Designed by Nhanmanip

* Measures 70cm x 70cm | The dimensions indicated may vary a bit

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“The sun of the corn is on the hill. The sun of my mother lying on her back” (Mat troi cua bap thi nam tren doi, mat troi cua me em nam tren lung). Inspired by the work “Khuc hat ru nhung em be tren lung me” by author Nguyen Khoa Diem, “Mother’s sun” evokes affectionate lullabies, whispering lullabies, sentiments like cuddling and embracing the sleep of so many children growing up on their mother’s back.

The mother carried the baby on her back, and the baby slept soundly in the sling like the way the cocoon protects and protects the pupa until it matures. But the most special thing is that through those gentle, earnest and affectionate lullabies, the image of a mother gradually emerges. Compared to the immense and extensive space, the image of the mother looks so small, but it still lights up the space.

The mother’s back is thin and small, but still bigger and greater than the back of the mountain. The mother not only actively participates in the production, but also carries on her “sun” with all love and care. This metaphoric image both shows that the child is the source of the mother’s life and affirms that this is the greatest source of energy, supporting the mother to overcome many hardships and hardships. Corn has heaven, and mother has children.


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